Winds of Aether Campaign

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The World of Aether


The world of Aether is an unusual place to find life, let alone civilizations. After all, Aether has no solid ground; it is a gas giant. Yet, it hosts many unique cultures and sentient beings, clinging to the islands of stone on which these creatures live their lives, suspended in the endless, wind-swept skies by a lighter-than-air substance called Aetherstone. A sparkling, world-spanning ring and four large moons accompany this massive, gaseous planet, exerting their supernatural influence from the Heavens while the crushing, alien depths of the Abyss span like a hungry maw below.

For the inhabitants of this strange world, it is a time of exploration and discovery. Only recently has air travel been reliable enough to pursue on a large scale, and trade routes have opened up between the continents and their disparate peoples. With increased contact comes increased tension, however, and disputes over race and nations are on the rise. As if the threat of war were not enough, the dynamic nature of the omniverse has forced Aether into a kind of spiritual ice age, causing Aether to slide away from the domains of the Father and Mother and allowing sinister quasi-divinities to emerge and begin expanding their empires.

Still, the expansive and mysterious skies call to those who will listen, and many are drawn to the secrets that lay concealed within the clouds. New discoveries are uncovered on a near-daily basis, and the revelation of previously unknown islands and creatures begs the question...

What else is out there?


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