The Seasons

The elemental forces of Aether ebb and flow in much the same way that the moons approach and recede from the world. During the heart of a season (15 days on either side of the equinox or solstice) the appropriate element is considered to be ascendent. Spells of that element are automatically enlarged and extended, as if those metamagic feats had been applied, but without an increase in casting time or spell level. The opposing element is rescindent; to cast a spell of the opposing element, a caster must make a Spellcraft check (DC 10 + the spell's level). Failure indicates the spell does not function, but is still lost as if cast.

  • From Sowing 15 to Planting 16, Lightning is in ascendancy. Acid is rescindent.
  • From Sun 15 to Fire 16, Fire is in ascendancy. Cold is rescindent.
  • From Reaping 14 to Harvest 15, Acid is in ascendancy. Lightning is rescindent.
  • From Darkness 15 to Frost 16, Cold is in ascendancy. Fire is rescindent.

Wind (Sonic/Concussive) is never ascendant, nor is it ever rescindent. It is essentially a neutral element.