The Endymion

The universe is a yawning chasm filled with emptiness and the puerile meanderings of sentience. Why do you feel you deserve special consideration above all others? - Ulyaoth, from Eternal Darkness

"Congratulations!" A friendly female voice greets. "If you are hearing this wave, your application has been accepted by the Jovian Colonial Republic, and your arrangements have been made. Lodging has been procured for you aboard the starship Endymion, the newest and most advanced dual-purpose vessel of the United Nations fleet." Pictures of a massive, steel-gray ship appear on your screen, accompanied by smaller thumbnails of luxurious rooms that you assume to be the interior.

"The Endymion is the pride and joy of Starwind Industries, the leading manufacturer of interplanetary vehicles. With an overall length of 5,683 feet, it is the system's largest ship ever built, and is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology. Your trip to Io will take 1.18 years. For the first and final month, you will live and work aboard the ship as is required in your contract. For the remaining time, you will be placed into a state of suspended animation." The images shift, and your screen now hosts what appear to be sterile, plastic beds encased in a clear plastic shell. In one of the pictures, the bed is occupied by a nearly naked man and is overseen by a female doctor. As is standard for brochures, both are smiling unrealistically. "This revolutionary process has been proven to be completely safe by both animal and human trials, and has been approved by the FDC, NCI, and the Academy of Sciences for production and wide-spread use."

"We understand that despite the fact this cryogenic procedure has been proven to be completely safe, many will still have their doubts. To accommodate your apprehensions, the United Nations has approved a 5,000,000 credit bonus to all willing participants."

"If you have any further questions, feel free to respond to this wave and we will do our best to answer them in a timely and satisfactory manner. See you soon!"

Game Rules

The Endymion is a stand-alone survival-horror adventure for d20 Future. It is set in the quasi-near future aboard the starship Endymion, a massive exploration and excavation vessel setting out on its maiden voyage to the mining outposts on the moons of Jupiter. Its mission includes both commercial and scientific goals.



Only human is available, but see genetic manipulation in the technologies section, below. So far, no alien life has been encountered.


Advanced classes from the core book are available except the Shadow Slayer, Occultist, and Acolyte. Classes from d20 Future are available except for the Helix Warrior, Mecha Jockey, and Xenophile, though many others such as the Tracer would be poor choices, despite being available.


You will begin at 7th level. Roll wealth as normal, but only use this for character-specific or non-standard items. Standard equipment such as food, clothing, and light sources will be provided for you.

You may roll your stats using standard rules (4d6 best 3). If the rolls are poor, you may opt for a 32 point buy.

Vitality is max at first level, rolled for the rest, with a minimum of half the die each time (rolling a 3 on a d10 counts as 5).

A deep background is not required. A thorough personality is a must, however. This game will explore strong topics for which there is no right or wrong answer, and so a character with a personality and a set of beliefs will enrich the game that much more.

Category PL Notes
Weapons 5+ Laser weapons exist, but are new and rare. Charge pistols and rifles are more common. Humanity no longer focuses on weaponry due to a military stalemate.
Armor 6+ Armor has enjoyed more focus than weaponry.
Equipment 6 The comp sensors are considered 1 PL lower than normal. Neutrad does not exist.
Cybernetics 6 or 7 Replacements use PL 7. Enhancements use PL 6. See cybernetics below for a detailed list of changes.
Mecha 6 Irrelevant.
Genetic Manipulation 6+ Mutations do not exist. Templates such as the Brute or Egghead are available. You must have a good character concept to support it, however.
Robotics 6+ Bioreplicas exist, but are not available because they are mired in legal issues regarding civil rights. Biodroid is available, but see Morality Cores in the Mechanics section.
Starships 6 See below.
Space Travel 6 Realistic travel times are used.
Vehicles 6 Irrelevant.
Nanotech 6+ Nanotech exists but is heavily regulated and is not available.
Matter Replication 6 Extremely crude and experimental. It has been met with limited success replicating uniform elemental matter.
Time Travel - Does not exist.
Dimensional Travel - Does not exist.
Cloning 6+ Illegal except for medical reasons such as limb or organ replacement. It is sometimes done as a macabre life insurance, but is mired with legal issues. Cloning of a living, healthy human is considered a crime against humanity.
Psionics - Available. It is poorly understood and extremely rare, however. Usually the latent talents are induced using crude, experimental means (think River Tam from the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity.) The social skill requirements of the psionic advanced classes are removed.
Magic - Does not exist.

Cast of Characters

The following are brief dossiers on the characters encountered during the adventure.