Languages in Aether are typically based on region, not race, with the exception of the supernatural languages.

Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Arcane Wizards, sorcerers, magical creatures Arcane
Augustian Humans, deva, and asura of Augustinia Augustian
Druidic Druids, nature spirits Druidic
Florian Humans, deva, and asura of Floriferland Augustian
Kiwandan Saimirans Kiwandan
Koganian Kobolds Koganian
Praedish Humans, deva, and asura of Praedany Augustian
Seelie Good sheevra Druidic
Solarian Clerics, good spirits Solarian
Strictlish Humans, deva, and asura of Strictland Augustian
Tzukarian Hobgoblins Reklish
Unseelie Evil sheevra Druidic
Wraith Clerics, evil spirits, undead Wraith
Yeenash Yeenash Yeenash

Additionally, there are other languages that exist that cannot be learned through spending skill points and some that cannot be learned at all.

Words of Creation: Said to be the language of the gods themselves, words of this language have immense magical power. No mortal can learn more than a few words, and speaking them is draining.

The Dark Speech: Believed to be the secret language spoken by the evil beings suspended in the void beyond creation, even demons avoid the dark speech for fear it may consume them.