Henderson's Legacy

  • Caught by a sudden and intense storm, the Fleeting Falcon is forced to take shelter at an island owned by the Henderson family.
  • The crew unloads some of the more valuable cargo and takes it inside, but finds the Henderson farmhouse empty.
    • The team noticed that lamps were still burning and food was still set and relatively fresh.
  • Nim sampled the food, and found the floor boards were scuffed and damaged by something heavy. Further investigation found marks on the doors leading out, as if someone had resisted an abduction.
  • Captain Laursen noted a trail of hay and straw.
  • Adriana used her sorcerous powers and noticed a lingering aura of necromancy on the straw.
  • The team conjured magical light to resist the storm and ventured out.
  • Scarecrows populated the cornfield, and Max suspected to find some missing. He failed to rouse a reaction from one, but noted that it, too, had an aura of necromancy.