Required Mods

These mods must be installed to connect to the Bearbox server. It is suggested that you create a new profile in the Minecraft launcher and direct it to a clean minecraft directory to prevent mod overlap or interference with your single-player games.

The Forge version used by the server is suggested, and can be downloaded here.

Bearbox Resource Pack – The custom resource pack used by the server can be downloaded here, though it is not required.

  • Akashic Tome – Adds a book that will store other books, particularly manuals for other mods to ease clutter.
  • Armory Expansion – Adds armor support for a few materials from other mods.
  • AutoRegLib – Code library needed for other mods to work.
  • Backpacks – Adds portable storage that can be accessed with hotkeys or placed in the world.
  • Baubles – Adds support for additional wearable items such as rings, charms, necklaces, and capes. Used extensively by Botania.
  • Bibliocraft – Adds an assortment of useful objects such as tables, chairs, labels, fancy signs, lanterns, bookshelves that store and display books, and that can be made to look like any material.
  • Bibliotheca – Code library needed for other mods to work.
  • Binnie’s Mods – A collection of addons for Forestry.
  • Botania – A nature-magic themed tech mods featuring flowers that interact with their world in strange ways and mana to feed them and your items.
  • Chameleon – Another code library needed for other mods to work.
  • CraftTweaker – Allows easy recipe changes for crafting. Used by the server to adjust crafting recipes for mod compatibility.
  • Construct’s Armory – An addon to Tinker’s Construct to add custom armors in addition to tools.
  • CoroUtil – Code library code library code library.
  • Extra Botany – Addon for Botania, mostly endgame.
  • Forestry – Adds new trees, bees, butterflies, and the ability to breed them.
  • ForgeLin – Yet another code library.
  • Guide API – Another code library needed for other mods to work.
  • Immersive Engineering – A retro-futuristic steampunk style tech mod, heavily using multi-block structures.
  • ITank – Fluid storage tanks that look nice. They are configured on Bearbox to store 24 buckets per tank block and emit light when filled with things like lava.
  • IvToolkit – Yet another code library needed for other mods to work.
  • lLibrary – You guessed it, it’s another code library.
  • JustEnoughIDs – Alters chunk format to account for more block types easily.
  • Magic Bees – Integrates Botania and Forestry with strange, supernatural bees that can produce interesting things if bred right. Also adds botania flowers that can eat bees for mana, you monsters.
  • Mantle – Code library. Yup.
  • McMultipart – Code library. I am honestly losing track of these things.
  • Morph-O-Tool – Adds a tool that can shift into any other mod’s tool that you craft it with.
  • MysticalLib – A mystical code library.
  • Pam’s Harvestcraft – Adds tons of new crops and reduces the value of raw ingredients, encouraging you to cook them in recipes such as Veggie Stir Fry or the overwhelmingly filling Hearty Breakfast.
  • Plustic – Adds compatibility between Botania and Tinker’s Construct.
  • Quark – Adds tons of tweaks to the game such as clay deposits underground, right clicking to harvest crops, double doors opening both doors, chickens shedding feathers, and more.
  • Recurrent Complex – Generates ruins and other features in the world.
  • Rustic – Adds slate, an alternative brewing system around herbs, candles, pots and barrels that work like chests, and more.
  • SonarCore – Code library. At least it adds a couple new blocks like reinforced dirt that can be made into slabs and stairs.
  • Storage Drawers – An alternative storage solution using clicks instead of GUIs to access items.
  • Superior Shields – Adds charms that protect the player with a forcefield like in Borderlands, giving a second health bar with a capacity, recharge delay, and recharge rate that varies based on the material.
  • Tinker’s Construct – A mod about modifying your tools in useful and crazy ways.
  • Tinker’s Tool Leveling – Allows Tinker’s Tools to level up through use, gaining additional modifier slots each time.
  • Wolf Armor – Lets you equip your wolves with armor and add saddle bags to them with six slots of storage!

Optional Mods

These mods are not required for playing on the Bearbox server, but they are highly suggested for immersion, utility, and general usefulness.

  • Better Foliage – Makes leaves leafier, adds cosmetic corals and reeds to water, and can make logs round.
    • Bear Suggests turning off Short Grass and setting logs to connect to adjacent solid blocks. The short grass is nice, but makes building in a field with actual grass a game of wack-a-mole because that grass can look almost identical.
  • Codecrafted Break Meter – A resource pack that changes the block breaking animation to a progress meter around the block’s edges, place it above the Bearbox resource pack or your own in the list to activate it. Bear stole it from Codecrafted.
  • Dynamic Surroundings – Adds footsteps in the grass and various biome-dependent ambient noises to make the world feel much more alive.
  • Hwyla – Shows a small window at the top of the screen showing you information on what you’re aiming at, particularly its name and what mod it comes from as well as whether a crop is fully grown and how much energy is stored in capacitors. Very useful.
  • Just Enough Items – Shows a full, searchable list of all blocks, items, and tools in the game and can show crafting recipes to make them (left click) or crafting recipes they can be used in (right click).
    • Control + O shows or hides the list when in your inventory screen.
  • Inventory Tweaks – Auto sorting of chests and your inventory based on buttons and hotkeys.
  • Journeymap – Adds a minimap in the corner and a full map of the entire world that you have explored. Highly configurable. Can also set waypoints that show as beacons in the distance.
  • Optifine – Alters rendering code, often substantial increasing FPS. Also adds tons of new customization options and features such as shaders.
    • Bear uses Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders with cellshading turned on for a high-quality cartoony look like Borderlands. The Enhanced Default version is worth trying even on slower PCs since it adds very nice visual changes at a low cost.